Monday, July 21, 2008

R.I.P. DJ K-Swift reports:

Baltimore's DJ K-Swift Found Dead At Her Home

BALTIMORE (WJZ) ― Music fans in Baltimore are in mourning.

A popular and groundbreaking DJ at a top radio station is dead, and now city police are investigating.

Dennis Edwards reports the body of 29-year-old Khia Edgerton, also known as "K-Swift" was found Monday morning at her northeast Baltimore home in the 4300-block of Arizona Avenue.

Police initially responded to Good Samaritan Hospital for crowd control. They interviewed people there.

Fans are in absolute shock. They organized a vigil at the Woodlawn radio station 92Q where K-Swift was a DJ.

Messages of mourning could be heard on the airwaves between shows on 92Q Monday after K-Swift's death. She was first put on air by Neke Howse. "I have this insight that I can just tell. I just knew she has it, or had it," said Howse.

There are now growing questions surrounding her death.

They say K-Swift was giving a pool party at her home earlier in the day. They're investigating whether or not she consumed alcohol before getting into the pool.

Witnesses told police there were several people in the pool when Edgerton jumped in, but none of the swimmers were alarmed when she didn't immediately resurface.

"I've known her so long, and it just hurts cause I'm waiting for her to hit me on Yahoo! To instant message or text me, just walk through the studio doors, and she's not," said K-Swift's best friend DJ Kelson.

There were also lifeguards present.

After time had passed and she still didn't surface, they got alarmed and jumped in.

They were able to pull her out to the side of the pool. Medics were called but no one at the party attempted CPR while they were waiting.

When medics got there, they attempted CPR to no avail. She was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

When police arrived at the house to investigate the pool was very cloudy and the area was dimly lit.

K-Swift was the co-host of Off the Hook Radio, heard Monday through Friday from 6-10pm on 92Q. K-Swift began working at Radio One over 10 years ago as an intern in the programming department.

During that time, she held the positions of on air personality, on air mixer, and mix show coordinator.

"She's going to be truly missed. We love her, and I never realized that I would feel this way for a co-worker that's a family member. We've been together since she was 17-years-old, so it's hard. It's really hard," said DJ Konan.

The station's general manager Howard Mazer says finding a replacement will be impossible.

"Not only was she great at what she did with mixing and creating her mixtapes, but just her personality was really special. And she was loved by people in Baltimore, really loved by people at the station," said Mazer.

Now her studio is empty and her mic silent.

This is an incredible loss not only for Radio One, but for the entire community and music industry" said Neke Howse, Program Director of WERQ. "K-Swift was an incredible talent and human being. Not only am I fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her for the past 10 years but also to be her friend."
K-Swift's career was not limited to radio broadcasting. K-Swift was a popular night club DJ who was featured at several weekly events in Baltimore.

She also owned her own graphics, production, and management company, "Club Queen Entertainment".

K-Swift also had very strong ties to the community and loved working with children. She hosted several events for teens every year in addition to hosting many different charity events.

"Her love and passion for everything she did was the key to her success" said Howard Mazer, General Manager of Radio One Baltimore. "She is truly a person that both the radio and music industry will miss."

This is really a shock and sad. It's so weird because I'm used to hearing this girl on the radio everyday after work, and now just like that she's gone. You just never know when it's your time to go man. R.I.P. DJ K-Swift.


Darius T. Williams said...

I've never heard of her - but I read the story...this isn't good at all.

[jei.lamar] said...

when i heard this it kinda touched home because I'm a HUGE fan, she's the reason I like baltimore club music....They used to play her mixes on XM's The City on Friday nights

deejuana83 said...

R.I.P K-Swift...Yo will be missed :(

Sexxy Luv said...

WOW! that is really sad, i wonder why no one performed CPR, what were the life guards there for?SMH

slimm215 said...

yeah this really is sad man. She will mos def be missed.

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