Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh Because it's YOU!... It's Ok Huh????

A few weeks ago an associate of minds was really bad mouthing another associate that we both know of, about something they totally disagree & disapprove of. Well weeks after this long drawn out conversation, this person does the exact same thing he was dogging the other guy about. So I'm like cool cool, sometimes people do that. They say one thing, and end up doing another. But what really bothered me about the whole thing was when he started trying an justify his situation by comparing it to the other guy situation. Basically still saying the other guy is still wrong blah blah blah, and his makes more sense because of blah blah blah blah. No matter how much he tried to brake it down, twist it up, or straighten it out, it was the exact same scenario. My thing is no ones perfect. OK you dissed someone about something, then you turned right around, and did it too. So just swallow your tongue, and just admit, hey I was wrong. Or just accept the fact you could be doing something that YOU know you totally disagree with as well. But don't try to sell me the crap. Because if you ask me I kinda disagree with you both, so it really doesn't matter lol. So do you, but @ the end of the day know that, when you find yourself in the same situations you disapprove of, doesn't make it OK, just because it's you!


[jei.lamar] said...

someone is always there to condemn you for your actions be it right or wrong...but the one that does the MOST disapproving will likely ( & this just proves it) goes & does the same thing they were talking bad about....."It's that Lion King shit...the circle, Circle of Life!"

slimm215 said...

great blog sir. I really don'g have a comment for this one though. I'm just gonna say you know how people are man. Some people just like putting others down to make themselves look good.

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

What Happens, more often than few, is that PEOPLE Harshly Critique the Behaviors and Situations that surround others lives, as a result of their Longing, Deep Down, to 'Get Away With' the SAME Shit.

People, for YEARS; especially in 'This Life', Talked about Me for Every Silly Reason they could concauct. Now Look...I can make a LIST of the NUMEROUS Styles, Blogs, Posts, Parties, etc. that those SAME PEOPLE have participated in and Hosted over the Years.

Its a Matter of NOT Knowing and/or Understanding the Actions of Others...but Somehow, STILL being Drawn to it.

AcousticSoul said...

We as human beings put ourselves on (undeserved) pedestals. That in turn makes us THINK that we can do no wrong.

We all have our standards and then we have standards that we hold the next person to. Not to say this is right, but it tends to happen.

What you should do is be the bigger person in this situation. Next time this conversation comes up just simply say "I don't wanna hear it" and keep the conversation moving.

No matter how plainly you paint the picture, the person will not see how both circumstances are the same, so it'll be pointless to carry out that convo.

life said...

I love when that happens. Gives people a serving of humble pie.

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