Monday, July 28, 2008

New Music: Whitney Houston - Like I Never Left (Feat. Akon)

(click song title to listen & download)

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AcousticSoul said...

U know . . .since Akon is out of jail you would think he'd get tired of hearing the jail bars slamming against each other. I know it's a way to recognize his music, but geez!

Onto WH .. .. ..It has a smooth beat. Something to groove to. I like it. It has a subliminal message about her return to the music industry (and her mind)

I want you to touch me like I never left. I want you to hold me like I never left. I want you to love me like I never left. Come give me what I'm missing like I never left.

She's asking her fans and the industry as a whole to embrace her return. I think we all will be welcoming her with open arms. Like this joint.

This song makes me miss her.

But she said it "ya girl is coming back"

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