Thursday, July 10, 2008

deonte' k's Top 5 Songs This Week

What are some of your favorite songs this week?

Maybe you can mention someone I've never heard of before, or something I have not heard yet. Y'all know im a music freak lmao.

Y'all see my Babe # one on my list lol .;)


slimm215 said...

I sure hope Mrs Ken Doll is appreciating all this publicity she is gettin over on this page. lol cause you are blowin her up. LMAO Well as you know i'm really liking the Energy song by keri hilson and now kick him out by beyonce is my song. Also New girl in town from hairspray. lol sorry folks but im corny. lol

[jei.lamar] said...

lol @ slimm...I prefer the black version to new girl in town....& I'm not gonna lie...when I went 2 your page & heard the song i was REALLY grooving (& i'm sooo not the Brandy fan) but this song is kinda 'grool'

but call me a tad bit odd & teeny bopper-ish BUT...these top 2 songs are like besties!!

1. Miley Cyrus- 7 Things
2. Miley Cyrus- See You Again
3. Adele- Cold Shoulder
4. Katy Perry- Hot N Cold
5. Cool Dundee- Freaky Fendi Girl

Corey Keith said...

Wow... I have never heard of several of these joints.. thanks for the heads up...

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

ALL Im Listening to Right Now is a Song called BLOODSTREAM, by a Group I discovered, STATELESS.

I am SURE You will ESPECIALLY relate this Track. Actually, YOU and SLIMM THOUGHTS Need to take a Listen, 2gether. The LYRICS Speak so Monumental.

Im also Rockin OUT to LOVE BOMB, from N.E.R.D's New Album.

Music Soundtracks My Life, and its gonna be So AMAZING to Hear these Songs 3 or 4 years from Now, and REMEMBER the Significance of this particular Summer.

Darius T. Williams said...

Um, I sooo need to get to downloading this weekend. Ask me this question next week - lol.

deonte' k said...

slimm215: not corny lol... they are some hot songs you just named lmao ;)... some were close to making this list lol.... maybe next week!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

[jei.lamar]: NOT A BRANDY FAN!!!!!!!!! backs away from the computer, cool, cool, cool, I can respect that. Take a deep breath... ok, ok... maybe she can change your mind with her new album lol... I'm going to try out these songs you listed ok lol.

Corey Keith: No problem man ;)

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba: I gotta check that out. Oh yeah me and slimm together lol.

Darius T. Williams: I will lol. I do it every week. So I hope to see you here next Thursday. ;)

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