Monday, June 30, 2008

When Things Don't Go As Planned......

..... there always could be a chance that things can have a much better outcome.

So this pass weekend my schedule was sooo booked & tight that it was crazy. I mean between class, unpacking, and still dealing with my mouth healing (which by the way has gotten better, and the stuff placed in it is starting to break off, which means its almost done getting back to normal. But to think I have 3 more surgery's to go kills my brain lol. But hey if I want that perfect smile I gotta get it right lol) I still try to stick by my word or plans. Well unfortunately none of the things I had planned went that way. Either some people just somehow forgot about the plans, or some had other things to do, and sometimes things just come up (which I understand). But I figured my weekend worked out for the good anyway, because I got to spend it with a great person. So sometimes missing out on stuff that was so called planned may not always be a bad thing. I'd like to think I made up for it with all the fun I had with my buddy.


We went to see Wanted on Friday, which was a good movie. I loved Angelina Jolie's character in this movie. She was hot! LOL... The action in this film was great. I loved the fight scenes. The way they shot bullets in this movie was wild. James McAvoy (main character) was excellent, for someone I never saw in a movie before. I know he has play in a few movies before, but I've never seen any of them. I definitely recommend this one y'all. It was really good from beginning to end! It even made me laugh a little with some of the comedy in it. Check it out!

Then Saturday we just hung out and went to dinner.

Sunday we went Bowling!
It was sooo much fun. We bowled for 3 hours straight and let me just say, by the end of the night both of our hands were hurting lol. We decided that we would play the whole 3 hours, and at the end of the night we would tally up the scores to see who the winner would be. It was a good game for two people who really can't bowl lol. So here are our scores each round.

Just so you know Iron man is Derrick (yes this is the name he put on the screen, and don't get mad punk because I told you I would post it lol)

1st Round
Iron Man: 107
Iron Deonte`: 105
2nd Round
Iron Man: 75
Deonte`: 101
3rd Round
Iron Man: 112
Deonte`: 104
4th Round
Iron Man: 143
Deonte`: 99
5th Round
Iron Man: 87
Deonte`: 106
6th Round
Iron Man 111
Deonte`: 77
(We got tired right here lol)
7th Round
Iron Man 64
Deonte`: 79
8th Round
Iron Man: 84
Deonte`: 89
9th Round
Iron Man: 111
Deonte`: 74
(Iron Man Was getting strikes like crazy on this Round. That was did me in lol.)
10th Round
Iron Man: 149
Deonte`: 98
Iron Man's Total was: 1,o43
Deonte`s Total was: 932 :( LMAO
So he won by 111 points and I guess that's not too bad lol.

We are going to try to make this a every Sunday or every other Sunday event! Hopefully next time I will win y'all lol.

My short a** trying to bowl lol

Look @ Derrick thinking he's a pro lol (The Iron Man ha ha ha ha)

How was your weekend?


[jei.lamar] said...

Lol yea D..Iron Man SPANKED THAT ASS!!!!! but good way of looking at it as ONLY 111 points lol...but Wanted was AMAZING!!! when I go home this week i'm taking my daddy 2 see it bcz that's all he's been talking about! (I put him down on Tomb Raider & he's been in love with Angelina ever since)

slimm215 said...

Well I guess it was cool for me that your weekend didn't go as planned huh. we did have a good time. "Wanted" was the movie. I loved and could go see it again. Iron Man did some damage man. lol Now i'm not even gonna talk trash because some of them score are pretty pathetic. sometimes i was good and other times i was just horrible. In the end it was all fun. Especially when i told ol fat ass "hell naw" lol

AcousticSoul said...

I had a great weekend, but you already know that

LudaKhris said...

Soo mad he called himself iron man. Glad you had fun this weekend seriously need to think about starting a picture diary like we talked about.

And I agree wanted was excellent!! I just got done watching the bootleg :-)

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