Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Wedding To Remember

This pass weekend I had the pleasure of seeing my best friend cousin & long time friend get married to her boyfriend of 7 years. It was so beautiful. They are truly what the definition of love stands for to me. I totally enjoyed myself, and it was a great event to attend. She looked beautiful, and her boyfriend (now husband) looked sharp as a tack lol. During the wedding, and reception I felt like I was with my own family. Which is why I call them my second family. We laughed, ate (well I tried considering my mouth surgery and all lol), they danced lol... (was busy taking pictures and meds lol), and just had a ball. Check out some of the photos below, and once again congratulations Danielle & Rogelio. I know y'all are enjoying that honeymoon lol. ;)

Ms. Clarrissa (Grandma) & Sean Brawley & Sean

Siblings: Brawley, Nita & Sean

(you can tell they are related)


Brawley & Monica

Sean & (His Mother) Ms. Deborah

Me: Deonte` (yes it was hot out lol)

Sean, Me, & Ms. Deborah

Deonte` & Sean


The Bride & Groom: Danielle & Rogelio

The Happy couple once again!

Ms. Deborah, Josh, & Troy

The Best Man: Chad, & Matron of Honor: Dominique

plus A Flower Girl lol

Sean & 2 of the Bridesmaids

Somebody got caught kissing lol

Ms. Deborah & Mr. Stanley

Ms. Deborah and her boys ;)

(see me trying to crack that smile with my sore mouth lol)

Everyone doing the Electric Slide

Ms Deborah & other family members

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