Saturday, June 28, 2008

Music Review Picks Of The Week (Do U Remember These???)

This weeks Music Review Picks are songs from the past. Yes the are all old, but some, I don't think people really remember. So I wanted to post them to see how good your memory is, and how much you really know about your music. :)

This song was hot when it was released. A lot of people may not remember this, but it was on the High School High soundtrack, and they also release, an album titled Here We Come (which I do own lol). When I 1st heard this song I thought it was 2 black girls, I'm not even going to even lie lol. When I saw the video (do anyone remember it?) I was was surprised lol. But I enjoyed this song, and still jam to it when I hear it today.

Isyss - Beautiful U (Download Link)
Remember this girl group that was signed to Arista records? They had a single titled Day & Night feat. Jadakiss. Well I remember them lol. Their Cd was really good, and this song Beautiful U was one of my favorites off the album. Wonder if this group even still exists? Well anyway this song is hot. Love it!

I love this song, and I have to tell you her album is great. My best friend brought it for me (after I've been looking for it for years) at FYE a few years back. This song is just so beautiful to me. She sings this song! LOL. She worked with some good people on this cd. Jermaine Dupri & Diane Warren to name a few. She had some great powerhouse ballads, and this was her 1st single.

Phajja - So Long - (Well, Well, Well) (Could not find a download link so I had to post it through Imeem)
I don't think anyone remembers this song. They used to play it on the radio back in the day. Everyone always say (when I ask have you ever heard this song?) no, never heard it, and who the heck are they lol. Well anyway this song is very pretty to me. The feel of it is really mellow, and I like the message. So Long lol.

NOTE: to hear the entire song click here.


[jei.lamar] said...

AYYYYEEEE You took it back!!!! I HATED "The Braids" version of Bohemian Rhapsody I prefer the original by Queen...but uhm Isyss....YESSSS that was my shyt!! i think I scratched this song up like a week after buying the CD but my lil cousin wasted juice on it & hid it i was soooooo pissed bcz it was all sticky when i found it again.. but I don't remember the last 2 songs but that Phajja chick kinda sounds like Tamia

LudaKhris said...

Your blogs are starting to get pretty shit!

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