Friday, June 20, 2008

I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

OK, so yesterday I went to the dentist, and got some surgery done on my mouth. And I can't really eat anything, but soft foods, and so on for a couple of days due to the stitches, and some other crap they have up in my mouth. Now this is not working for me because I'm still hungry. Now last year folks couldn't get me to eat anything (due to stress or whatever) but now that I have an appetite, and try to almost eat 3 times a day..... I CAN'T EAT!!!! My mouth is starting to feel better, so I didn't understand why I couldn't eat. So y'all know me, I tried to anyway lol. I mean look at me in those pictures below. SAD isn't it. I tried my best to be satisfied with that cup of chicken soup I really did, but in my face you can tell it was not working lol. Everyone around me @ work was sucking down a sandwich or something, and Im sitting up here sipping on some soup juice. So I tried to chew on some peanuts. Let's just say I will be waiting until I can really eat, and will keep drinking my food for now on lol. I bit into that peanut, and almost lost my mind lol. I tried to eat it on the other side where I didn't get the surgery, and somehow that lil' sucker went on the other side, and I was hollering like crazy lol. I guess I was being hard headed huh????? lol.... well not anymore. I will just sit here, let my stomach growl, and just lose a few pounds I guess lol. I asked my roommate earlier to get me a cold cut, but looks like I won't be eating that either lol. I was going to cut it up, and try to eat it somehow. But knowing him, he will do like he did last night & bring home more soup!!!!!!!!!! (eyes up in head) lol (thanks Sean) ;). Every week it seems to be something. Two weeks ago I was just getting over a pink eye & cold. Last week I banged up my finger some how moving. Now this!!!! What's next LOL.

Attempting to get full lol. A little frustrated, because its hard to keep food in my mouth, but I'm getting it!

Getting full?.... hmmmm not happening as you can see lol.

Satisfied???????? Hell NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy B Day Zechariah!


[jei.lamar] said...

awwwww I hope u get better budd, bcz u look MISERABLE, STARVED & ANGRY all in one in that second pic...& is that a lil drool i see??? lol but uhm maybe you should try oatmeal or grits, that'll swell u up!..

deonte' k said...

[jei.lamar]: lmao thanks boi!

AcousticSoul said...

This is too funny! I can just see you now trying to eat that damn peanut. Knowing damn well you ain't supposed to.

The funny thing is, you and I are in the same boat. I had some dental work done too and all I've been able to eat is soft food. Get some jello and puddin'. U'll be aiight.

Thank you so much for the birthday wish.

deonte' k said...

acousticSoul: That's what I'm saying that stuff won't full me up lmao...... ur welcome, hope u had a blast! ;)

deejuana83 said...

Aww poor cuzo...Give it a few days and you will be back up and running again.

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