Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Girly Movies....... Whatever!

So where do I begin with this one. The other day me and a friend was in Block Buster, and I saw 27 Dresses on the poster, and I said Ohhhh!! I love that movie lol, and my friend was like "that's a girly movie." I'm like huh? A girly movie? "What are you trying to say?" I replied. He then says "Did u like Devil Wears Prada?" I said "loved it" lmao..... then he proceeds by saying if one of my boys heard you say this they would wear you out. I'm thinking to myself like what??? Are you serious? So it made me think about another friend who called some of the movies I like girly too. So I was like whatever. Y'all men kill me with that mess. (remind you they are all gay as well) But the thing is the dudes that say this are the most prissy, sassy, head moving, finger snapping, trying to walk runway like Trya dudes I know lol. But have the balls to say I like girly movies huh? Lmao. Just because I'm very romantic, and like my little cute things don't make any less of a man than you! So like one of my good buddies say all day everyday (eyes up in head lmao) KICK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now who want's to go see Sex & The City With me for the 3rd time? lmao ;)

p.s you guys know I still love you right??? he he!!!!!!! ;)


jei.lamar said...

Well, I guess I like "girly movies" too because I LOVE "Devil Wears Prada"....I use a quote from it everyday..Made of Honor...loved it...P.S. I Love You (CRIED) Enchanted(didnt/dont wanna watch it) 27 Dresses (don't like Katherine sooooooo yea) SATC....i saw it twice in theaters & can't count on bootleg..BUT I think my bootleg is the unedited version because I can see the microphones in almost EVERY scene!

slimm215 said...

well I guess I like girly movies as well then. So what. They still can't beat my ass. LMAO but you do like girly movies dude. lol

AcousticSoul said...

Aiight Deonté, these are all girly type movies. The only one of these that I did see was Devil Wears Prada and that movies is HOT!

But who ever says Kick Rocks must be right because you need to do you. Let them do them, and if ya'lls paths cross, deal with it at that time. If ya'lls paths never cross, good. They can continue to kick rocks!

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