Friday, June 13, 2008

deonte's Top 5 Gym Pet Peeves

So last night I was @ the gym getting back into my serious workout routine, (slacked ofF for a few weeks due to some minor adjustments in my life, but any who) and I notice while working out there are a lot of things that just irk my nerves up in there. So instead of me writing them all I narrowed it down to my top 5 lol. So here they are:

#5. WOMEN HAVING THEIR OWN WORKOUT ROOM.... Ok at my gym (GOLDS) we have a section where only the women can work out. Its like a whole area and room sectioned off for them to do their thing and I'm fine with that you know. I'm even fine with the fact even though they have a whole entire section for themselves that they still use the other areas too. But what I wanna know is WHY can't I go in their room and use some of their stuff? If they can use all the stuff in the entire gym, why can't I have the same privilege? It's not fair! Lol. Sometimes I don't want men looking at me either while I'm working out all the time so maybe Deonte' would like to go workout in the room with the curtains, and not have some funky screaming weight lifting fool in my face either, u feel me lol. Maybe I should suggest we need a gay section as well. Sometimes I might not wanna keep seeing this cute boy lift these weights everyday distracting me and concentration and stuff lol. Shoot! I'm tired of it. I wanna go in the other room! Lmao. I'm going to try it one day watch me.

#4. SHOWERING IN THE GYM....... I understand when folks go to the gym they sometimes have things to do or places to go right afterwards so they take showers. Or some folks may just like doing it, I don't know. Me personally, NO. I'm not going to take my draws off in no ones gym shower and wash my a**. It will wait until I get home. So anyway! My beef with the shower thing is why do theses men take showers, and walk around butt a** naked. Is it just me, or do y'all, even @ home after a shower dry off, and wrap a towel around y'all asses? Theses dudes will walk around, balls drooping, and ass swinging all over the place. I know some of you wouldn't mind that huh? Yeah maybe I wouldn't mind it either if they weren't about 60 years old. That's not sexy at all. I've seen some things that I hope and pray won't ever look like that on my body when I'm that age.

#3. BEING STOOD OVER WHILE USING A MACHINE..... O I so hate this. I'm pushing my brains out and sweating my a** off on a machine, and your just standing there like there are no other machines in this damn gym. Just waiting and waiting for me to finish. Right in my grill. Then turn around and have the nerve to ask how many more you got. B**ch don't worry about how many more I got sh*t. Go over there somewhere dang! Wait until I'm finish. Don't stand there in my face like that OK! I hate that.

#2. USING CELL PHONES..... while sitting at a machine. One day this lady was using the chest machine, and I wanted to use it so bad. It was like one of my last things to do. Unlike some people I didn't go stand in her face (maybe in this case I should have) so I went around, and used different machines hoping she was going to get up off the thing. But did she? Nooooo... she sat her a** on that machine, and talked her a** off for almost an hour. I was so angry that I wanted to hold her head in between that chest machine, and smash her biskit a** head loose. Ooohhhh she pissed me off, and I was not leaving that gym until she got her raggedy a** up. I don't get that. Talk to the folks later. Your in the gym for god sakes. Jesus!!!!

#1. (Drum roll please)...... WEARING FLIP FLOPS..... now who in the hell does this? I mean seriously. Oh my god when I see someone walk up in the gym like this I get that "Kill Bill" music in my head (you know that music that would play everytime Uma Thurman saw someone she was mad at?... yeah that) and instantly wanna go off. I wish I had a bow & arrow for every toe in that dam flip flop because I would shoot it in every one of them. For one, its not like they have the best feet in the 1st place to even be showing off the damn things, and two, you could get hurt fools. You could drop a weight on your foot or something. I mean seriously, why would you run on a treadmill in flip flops, come on people. And third it is definitely a Fashion NO NO. Please wear some sneakers to the gym people!

Anyway this will conclude my mini gym rant! Lol.... Have a great weekend!!!!


Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

Well, since Im about to Start going to the Gym 3 Times a week, I GUESS these are Elements that I NEED to Start looking out for.

I Plan to have a Very SeXy Physique by Next Summer; One that isnt Bound by Muscles and Wripples EVERYWHERE, but indded, a Sensuous, Lil, Swimmers Thing. U Know...HA*

I WONT be Showering in the Gym, and I WILL be using the Womens Equipment as Well. I do NOT enjoy being Ogled by Gay Dudes and Muscle Bound Gym Bunnies, while Im Sweatn and Pounding into Perfection.

LMAO! I Love U for this Post!

slimm215 said...

LMAO Angry man this was a very funny post. Really enjoyed reading this. You are so silly for that Kill Bill music. thats some serious hurt somebody music. They better watch out. And stop cryin cause you can't go in the womens room. lol

AcousticSoul said...

I'm with you in regards to using your celly at the gym. How many times have you called me and I said I couldn't talk cuz I was at the gym. LMAO!

Showring @ at the gym?? Nah, not for me. I have NEVER taken a shower at the gym. If I go to the gym before work, I will make sure I have enough time to either shower at home or at work (We have private showers at my job).

AcousticSoul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Metro Man said...

yo, check this lol

Allan said...

I didn't know Shrek was allowed to visit the gym LMAO

BagLady aka The Black Carrie Bradshaw said...

oh yeah me and the lady on the cell would have had a major problem!

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