Monday, June 16, 2008

Alicia Keys As I Am Tour

On Friday me and my best friend went to go see Alicia Keys in concert, and it was hot! Alicia Keys is one of those artist that you can't help but love to watch on stage. This woman is going to truly be a legend in the future mark my words. She did and excellent show. She loves her piano ;)!!!! This is my 3rd time seeing her, and I have to say I didn't expect anything but greatness from her, and that's what I got. I had great seats great company, and a pretzel, so I was all good lol. She is so beautiful!! I wanna see her again. She was her in Baltimore last night but we saw her Friday in DC @ the Verizon Center. Along with her was Jordin Sparks, who I truly believe can sing. I don't know maybe it's because of her age, but something about her throws me off at times. She did good, but it not something I would get excited about. Maybe her next album will have more "No Air" type of songs on it, because trust me that song is what saved her album believe that! I like "Tattoo" too, but there aren't to many likeable songs on her album in my opinion. Also, Ne-Yo was there. Now I have to say this boy surprised the hell out of me. Even though he imitated Michale Jackson alot, his show was hot! He dance (and his background dancers was the s**t lol, those girls were working it) his butt off. He's not someone I ever thought I would enjoy @ a concert, but I really did. He blew me away to be honest. So good for Ne-Yo.

A hot show y'all. If you haven't caught it yet, make sure you do!!!!!!!

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