Friday, June 20, 2008

ALBUM REVIEW: Ashanti - The Declaration

4 1/2 stars

I have to be honest. Even though I really like Ashanti, I really didn't expect to much from this CD. Her last few albums have just been OK to me, but after listening to this CD I have to say she rocked it. I'm so surprised. I love just about every song on the CD. This album is definitely a must have. I'm telling y'all Ashanti did a bang up job on this CD. Maybe one of the reasons that this CD is so good could be that she worked with a different group of people on this album, oppose to the Murder INC. crew. Go get it y'all!!!

The standout tracks to me are:

The Way That I Love You
Your Gonna Miss
So Over You
In These Streets
Good Good
& The Declaration

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