Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who Will Win American Idol 2008

Cook Or Archuleta
To tell you the truth it could go either way for me. They both or really talented. I like Archuleta's singing voice. He's really good, but if I had to chose a winner or guess who would win, I would go with Cook. He already seems like a well put together artist. He's very consistent, and his body of work on the show really speaks for itself. David C. Or A., they both will do well!

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Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

Babe, The American Idol WINNER Needs to be Mister COOK. I didnt pay the kind of Attention to this Season as I usually do. HOWEVER, After I Watched David Cook perform his own rendition of BILLIE JEAN, I was Too Convinced. REALISTICALLY, Archuleta will NOT Push units, and the Public will NOT envelop him as a Long-Term Artist. Look at Clay and Jordin. That Cutesy, Geeky, Cookie-Cutter, Save the World, Give Everyone a Chance BULLSHIT does NOT have Timeless, Staying Power.

David Cook would actually PUSH UNITS!
Thats Whats Important, in the Long run. theres No point in being DROPPED from your record label, 2 or 3 years AFTER being Signed. That, CLEARLY, is Archuletas Un-Fortune.


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