Friday, May 9, 2008

What A Day

2day started out really rough for me. Kinda got my lil' ol heart pinched today. I must admit it was a lil' hurtful, but in the end it may be what's best. I have no hard feelings about it so it's all good. But my point of writing this is, as much as I wanted to go home, and not deal with the pressures of work on top of this lil' pinch I was talking about.... my co-workers, and boss gave me a card with $100 dollars in it saying thanks for all my hard work. I was so blown away that I didn't know what to say. It's like im sitting at my desk going through it, and all of a sudden they all start surrounding me (@ 1st I thought I was going to have to reach in my bag, and get my shank, because it was like the whole office, so im like what's up, what y'all trying to do lmao, sike naw im just kidding) and my boss said hey look we all appreciate your hard work so here is our way of saying thanks. (I'm a assistant to all 11 of them) What they did really made my day, and just when I was about to start dwelling on this or that God stepped in and showed me right then in there, hey you may feel down and unappreciated right now, but for that one thing or person that may have upset you, here is 11 more saying we do appreciate you. That God is so dag on good I tell you lol.. It turned my day completely around. So hey I may not be the perfect guy for someone, but hell my job thinks I'm wonderful. ;)

What a Day!!!! Let go and let God be in control. What happened to me today all around was just a blessing from him above. So that makes me good enough, and even special. ;) Only because he took the time to pull me out of something that probably wasn't good for me anyway, and @ the same time blessed me.


SODA said...

LET'S JUMP HIM! for pinch'n my buddy's heart!....but it's a good thing that you plucked it out of your life while it could only pinch...because if you thought it probably wasn't gonna be good for you then 9 times outta 10 it usually isn't don't let a little pinch get you deserve more than that person...& i'm sure you'll find more soon

AcousticSoul said...

About time them bitches gave u your props!

Just kidding. I'm glad things started looking up for you. Don't spend all that $100.00 in one place. Spread the joy and send me some. LOL

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

You are an AMAZING Young Brotha, with such a Free and Honest Soul. Your Character is RARE, and I am So Happy that Our Paths have Crossed.

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