Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Video: Alicia Keys - Teenage Love Affair

Teenage Love Affair

Ok after getting cursed out by one of my myspace buddies for not posting or seeing this video yet ;) (I just been busy and dealing with some stuff) I decided I watch this video and I must say it's hot! I love everything about this video. Alicia Keys is so damn beautiful. I like how the video pays homage 2 School Daze as well. Thanks Soda for making me realize I needed to get up on my game and watch this video lol ;)


SODA said...

lol now why u making these folks think i'm violent?!?!?... i cursed u in a nice way...but YES!!!! LOVEZ IT!!!!! i watch it EVERYDAY

AcousticSoul said...

I like the song. I don't think the song matches the video, but hey! Love it, hate it, but you can't ingore it.

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