Thursday, May 1, 2008

My 2nd Wife Beyonce Is Pregnant!

Now I've been hearing this since she got married to Jay-Z, but the report below says it may be true. Now I'm upset because I wanted her to be my baby's momma. It's one thing for her to marry another dude, but to have his baby, oh no... uhmmm hmmm.... now I'm upset lmao. The Deonte' & Beyonce' days are clearly over. I guess she didn't mean it when she told me she was going to "Upgrade" me. Yes, she said that song was for me lol.

Looks like the celebrity baby boom that started last year is far from over. Move over Angelina and Ashlee because Beyonce Knowles is going to be adding her name onto the celebrity mommy list.

Hollyscoop has learned exclusively through multiple sources that Beyonce is expecting. A source close to the couple revealed, "Beyonce is 100% pregnant, which is why the couple rushed their wedding." The source also told Hollyscoop that all the friends and family that attended the ultra private wedding were all aware that Beyonce was already expecting.

Our source added that Beyonce is in her early stages, but don’t expect this star to come out with a confirmation statement anytime soon. The couple is pretty private about their personal lives--they still haven't even confirmed their wedding. But the source confirmed that she is expecting and they rushed the wedding due to Beyonce's strong Christian beliefs.


deejuana83 said...

Go B! Do the damn thing girl. Aww poor Deonte. We'll have to find you somebody new ;(

deonte' k said...

deejuana83: I know cuz lol :(

AcousticSoul said...

If she likes it, I love it. I can't wait to see what this childs name is going to be. We know those Knowles' can come up with some!

deonte' k said...

AcousticSoul: what u trying to say lol

Jeff0418 said...

Thas wasup, Im happy for Beyonce&Jigga.She is getting what she wants to start her a family.(Dont even stress it Deonte'it's clearly her loss);-).

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