Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Diddy with Cassie????

Uhmmm Diddy what are you doing all hugged up on Cassie?

Hmmmm now I understand the record deal lmao... even tho I like Cassie. I have to admit she still has alot to work on when it comes to performing. But the girl can take some sexy ass photos and model her but off.

Check out some of her recent photos:

Check out some of the lastest leaked tracks from her upcoming album:

2 The Morning (download link)

Offical Girl (download link)

Thirsty (download link)

What do u think of theses tracks?


deejuana83 said...

I hear that Deonte. She can take some sexxi ass pics. Diddy need to go home to his family and let that girl do her thing. I also thought she did great in Step Up 2: The Streets.

Jeff0418 said...

Diddy is such a perve! Next thing you know he'll have a sex tape out.....Those pics of her are Sexy as hell!!

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