Monday, May 26, 2008

Can't Wait 4 The Weekend To Get Here

Im really looking forward to this coming weekend. 1st up on friday I will be going to see Danity Kane in concert @ Pier Six Concert Pavilion in downtown Baltimore. (click here to hear them talk about it) The show also includes Day 26, Donnie Klang, & Cheri Dennis.
Alot of their shows have been canceled due to poor ticket sales from what I been hearing. Here is a list of canceled shows: (click here)

Then I can't wait to get to my butt up in someone's movie theater to go see the following movies:
Sex and the City
I'm really excited about this movie. Never was a really big fan of the show but the my buddy Romey got me to watch the DVD collection (well most of it) and I really liked it. Plus my favorite American Idol contestant from season 3, plus now Golden Globe/Oscar winner, can't wait for her album to drop Jennifer Hudson will be in this film so I'm truly excited about that lol. ;)

I think I'm more excited about her being in the film than about the movie itself.

The Strangers
I can't wait to see this one for real. I love scary movies so I'm curious on what this is about and how it will turn out. I would have a heart attack if I was in my house and some people with bags on their heads show up trying to kill me lol. Did anyone hear in the commercial when the girl asked, "Why are you doing this to us?" and one of them said "Because you were here." I die laughing @ the part.

So I will be doing all of this & moving so I will be extremely busy lol.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend. I spent time with my family. We had like 2 different cookouts this pass weekend. So I was up in the gym getting it together after all that food lol. I went bowling too. It was my 3rd time ever bowling, and I was doing pretty good. My fingers was hurting afterwards but it was fun. I tried to drink a strawberry dackery (pic below). I don't drink, but I must say this was good lol (It looked so good I had to try it). I had 2 of them too. My friend Sean had a screwdriver. I tasted it, and almost fell to the floor lol. I had a great weekend, and now chillin' for the rest of the day.

How was your Weekend?


AcousticSoul said...

My weekend was pretty good. Had good company. Went to eat at a few places: Old Spaghetti Factory, Heathman Hotel for brunch, Cheesecake Factory, IHOP, and a few other places that escape me right now. Did some shoe shopping, and some electronic shopping, I also watch a prtty good movie. Dirty Laundy.

SODA said...

My weekend was great, passed by some cookouts it was entirely too hot & i can't STAND eating outside so I just showed my face & left...but my mommie came 2 visit me YAY!! that was about it..& now i'm off 2 memphis 2 see BADU!!!!!!!

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

I am Sooo gonna have Someone take Me to see STRANGERS. Ive wanted to see the film since I FIRST Saw the Trailors 2 Months Ago.

...and I MUST admit that I THINK The Long Awaited, Highly Anticipated, SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE is gonna be a Huge BOMB! It will do WELL Commercially, BUT...I Think people are gonna walk away from it, like...'BLAH*'

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