Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ANTM Finale: 2morrow @ 8pm On The Cw Network!

Who Will Be On tOP???????????????? lmao..... Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, do you wanna be on top. LOL That's my song when this show comes on. I like the older version better tho.
or Anya


SODA said...

yea i do prefer the old song because the new one sounds like they just sampled "please don't stop the music" but I hope Whitney wins..YAAAAAAAY WHITNEY

I'm on Team Whit!

Anonymous said...

the new song is just fine...i would love 2 queen sized woman win but u kno the industry is not for all that so she may make it to the final 2 but not be the winner of top model...

judging by body of work
hmmmm (scratchin chin)

fatima MAY go home first and final 2 Anya and Whitney ...o hell lets just wait and watch it tonight geesh!

deonte' k said...

I have to say, I love Anya's look. She is beautiful. But like one of my friends said she's so damn dorky and lost @ times lol..... but if she won I wouldn't be mad. But I'm hoping Whitney wins because 1st, she's beautiful, and has taken some hot photos, and it wouldn't hurt to have a plus size winner because it could help some people realize that u don't have to b a tooth pick to be considered America's Next Top Model. So I hope she wins. Fatima I'm not feeling her @ all. Every since the 1st show she got on my last nerves crying all the time about her stuff being sewed up, clipped or whatever. Calling people ghetto, and I'm not sure if she's even that pretty. I know she looks great with makeup, and they always compare her look to Iman's, but we already got on of thoses. We need something new and different! Go Whitney lmao!!!

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