Sunday, May 11, 2008

Album Review: Madonna - Hard Candy

4 1/2 's
This CD is Hot! Madonna is back with one of the hottest albums I've ever known her to have. I think this album really captures the essences of what a Pop/Hip hop album sounds like. Tight beats with Madonna flowing on the tracks to me equals a great sound. She surprised me with this Cd. I like when a artist take risk and does something different. Having some of her songs produced by Timbaland & Pharrell Williams definitely works for her. They do a bang up job on this Cd. Madonna Cd is what it is right now. Here are some of the standout tracks:

1. Candy Shop (Sticky & Sweet, My Suga Is Raw, she says in this song lmao.... I was like ok Madonna, talk your sh*t baby lol.)

2. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You

3. Heartbeat

4. Incredible

5. She's Not Me

6. 4 Minutes feat. Justin Timberlake (THIS VIDEO IS ON OF MY FAVS 2 WATCH RIGHT NOW. Madonna and JT be getting it lol.)

7. Beat Goes On feat. Kanye West (This has got to be one of, if not the best songs on this album. I'm telling you, when Kanye West comes in he kills it. This song is in heavy rotation in my Ipod lol.)

Well there you go. Go Out and get this CD if you have not already. You Will enjoy it! ;)


SODA said...

YES!!!! One of THE's like madge reinvents herself every album but this one is like out of this stratosphere....I bought it when it first came out the Deluxe Edition....BTW that candy on the inside was uuber DISGUSTING...but i LOVE the album

AcousticSoul said...

I've always been a Madonna radio fan. Meaning, I would listen to her stuff on the radio or watch the music video's, but I hadn't bought a Madonna CD since the Immaculate Collection. That was the one and only CD I had. Then I heard a few of the leaked tracks off of Hard Candy, so I was like, let me check this out, and bought it.

This CD is really hot. Madonna surprised me. She is THE only artist is reinvents herself with every release. I mean it takes more than just changing your look, but you have to change you sound as well. Why you didn't have a Madonna contest. I could have won that one!! UGH, you get on my nerves!

deejuana83 said...

I hear that cuz!! Her new CD is HOT! I love how she slide down the car in her "4 Minutes," video. This bitch is bad.

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