Friday, April 18, 2008

Album Covers: Usher & Ashanti

What U Think?


Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

Look at The Title of Your Post.

Its So IRONIC that I Posted these SAME Album Covers YESTERDAY, On My Blog, as well.

GREAT MINDS, Think alike...

deonte' k said...

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba: LMAO yes I typed that so wrong lol... i fix it Prince xem.... yes great minds do think alot lol.... so let me go check out ur page lol ;)

J. Antoinne said...

I think I want to get the Ashanti. That's a cool cover to me. She is trying to look more grown and not so Nickelodeon.

I don't particularly care for Usher too much (too vain for me), but I'm sure I can borrow someone's to listen to.

Mckinley said...

Damn thats a Sexy Pic. Have my baby

AcousticSoul said...

I guess I'm about to catch 1:

Usher~Man, I have to say that I like the album cover, but I'm really nervous if this album is going to be a success for him. He really outdid himself with Confessions, I think that is going to be his Thriller album.

Love is this club is somewhat catchy, but the video is boring to me. Although he wanna make luv in the club, it surely is NOT a club banger for me.

Ashanti~I guess her record company knew when to finally release something from her. Beyonce seems to be on a bit of an hiatus (much needed).

Umm . . . okay J. Antoinne, she's not giving us Nickelodeon anymore, I think she finally stopped trying to impersonate Elvis and got rid of the sideburns, but in this picture, she's giving us lion mane with all that hair.

I'm not an Ashanti fan at all. Not in the least bit. But, I hope she does well.

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