Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Danity Kane - Welcome To The Dollhouse (Album Review)

4 Stars

I love this CD! Its definitely a must have in for your music collection. These girls are definitely putting Diddy back on the map with his record label. They scored their 2nd # 1 album, and is headed 4 more success to come in the near future. For their sophomore effort they really put together a great CD. Vocally, and production wise. Some of my standout tracks are "Bad Girl" feat. Missy Elliott (a hot dance track that gets me movin' every time I hear it. I love when Missy comes in with her verse. She breaks it down.) "Damaged" (love it! Its funky, fresh an different.) "Secret Place Interlude" (even though this is just a interlude, it HOT! Just like "Come Over" from their 1st disc. I thinks its sexy. So if I ever have to strip I will make sure I wear this 1:16 min track out lmao. I'm just kidding.) "Ecstasy" feat. Rick Ross (a certain person really got me loving this song right about now. They love it, and every time I hear it I think off them. Its a really hot track.) "Poetry" (I love the dramatic feel of this.) "Is Anybody Listening" (I love the flow of this track. Their voices are great too.) ...... if u haven't already. Go out and get this CD. U won't be disappointed!

1 comment:

AcousticSoul said...

Boy you are a mess! "a hot dance track that gets me movin' every time I hear it." I can just imagine! LMAO!

But I'm wit you on this. This CD is hot. I love ecstasy. That's hot. Poetry is my jam! Striptease. . . .Sucka For Love. Now you got me pulling out my iPod to listen to it.

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