Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I HATE Oranges In My Orange Chicken!

I know this may sound weird, but i do. I HATE Oranges In My Orange Chicken! I mean who really wants to be chewing on orange peelings while they are eating their chicken. It's nasty!... And people laugh @ me because they will be like DUH.... it's called orange chicken, that's how they make it, and I'm like OK, why can't the chicken just be orange and that's it? Cut the orange open and squeeze the juice over the chicken for the flavor or something. Don't just cut up a whole damn orange and drop it in my chicken like that. LOL


deejuana83 said...

Some people just need help lmao. Sike cuzo!!! I feel you.

AcousticSoul said...

You supposed to be eating cough drops and chicken noodle soup. If you would have done that, you wouldn't need to blog about having ORANGES in your ORANGE Chicken.

Mckinley said...

Its called orange chicken lol I understand

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