Thursday, March 27, 2008

Doomsday & Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns (Movie Reviews)



I thought this movies was kinda wild. I did enjoy it, but I expected a lil' more than what I got. Some parts had me and my boy saying DAMN! Lol.... I mean the way some folks died in this movies was crazy. I loved Rhona Mitra she was the shhh in this film. For some reason I got this thing when women fight in movies (I don't know what that's about lol) but the scene where she & another girl fight was off the hook! It had some funny parts (to me it did) as well. I think this movie is worth seeing. Go check it out.

Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns


You know, I love Tyler Perry films. But I have to admit, I loved the play version of this film better than the movie. This movies was pretty nice. I love Angela Bassett (who did great in this movie & looked beautiful) & Jenifer Lewis (as much as I love her, she was no where near as good as Nichole "Nicci" Gilbert from Brownstone in the play version.) David Mann was a trip. Always funny to me. Madea (Tyler Perry) made a cameo, and had folks dying laughing lol. Over all this film was cool. I enjoyed it. Didn't walk away feeling like I did with his last film. But I liked it. Sofia Vergara was one of the most hilarious folks in this film to me. Go check out this movie. Its worth seeing. Sends out a great message, as all Tyler Perry movies do.


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2.Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns
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9.Vantage Point
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deejuana83 said...

Angela Bassett did a remarkable performance in this movie. However, I don't think the movie itself helped improved her career. The movie titled "What's Love Got To Do With It," showed us the outstanding performance that the actress can deliver. I enjoyed this movie more than Tyler Perry's latest box office hit "Why Did I get Married." If you're a Tyler Perry fan I believe that you would be pleased with this. I enjoyed it all the way through. I agree with you about the Madea scene. That shit was funny!! I gave it 4 stars.

Mckinley said...

The movie was kewl but hte play was better

Jeff0418 said...

Yea the movie was coo, but the play was great! I was expecting the movie to be better due to the cast Tyler Perry assembled.But everyone did a good job so I'm happy :-)

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