Monday, February 25, 2008

The Winner Of The Janet Jackson's "DISCIPLINE" Contest Is...........

Thank You to all those who participated in this contest. It was a lot of fun. Baxby name was pulled randomly from a list of people with the correct answers. So congrats to him. :) Hope to see you all around for the next contest. I'm going to post the trivia question and, SOME of the answers.

Can you name 4 musical artist that appeared in the movie "Poetic Justice" other than Janet Jackson?

Here Are "SOME" Of The answers:
Miki Howard
Keith Washington

The above four where my picks. Then when I saw emails saying Tone Loc, I was like how could I forget him lol. And another answer that really suprise was Kina Cosper.

Have a great week everyone and thanks again!


Jeff0418 said...

Con gratulations Baxby..Great contest I look forward to the next one.

Baxby said...

Oh wow! I totally forgot about Kina Cosper, Miss "Girl From the Gutter" Thanks D! This makes my day and week. Who cares that it's Monday

Thanks for the luv Jeff0418!!

deejuana83 said...

Congrats baxby!!! I must also use this section to comment on that pic of Janet. Miss Jackson, Miss Jackson. You're one Sexy ass lady *winks* My heart skipped a few beats when I saw that pic that's above this article.

PS Deonte, this was definitely entertaining. I can't wait until you do your next contest *hugs&kisses*

AcousticSoul said...

Congratulations Baxby! I know you must be a happy man right about now!


SODA said...

Congrats Baxby!!!!! yall make sure 2 check out or tivo her mini concert on GMA(Good Morning America) tomorrow Feb. 27th.....I hope she performs Let Me Know which is one my new favs...i hits the "paw paw" 2 that!!

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