Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The CW Show 'Girlfriends' has been CANCELLED!!!!!!!

I was never really a fan of this show until a few years ago. When it 1st came on tv is was so not feeling it lol. But as time went on i gave it a chance and really started getting into the characters more. Then after Jill Marie Jones a.k.a. Toni Childs left the show it started to get a lil' dull for me. But anyway... no more 'Girlfriends' Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here on my Yahoo 360 page to read my blog I posted on why Jill Marie Jones left the show in the 1st place:


Mckinley said...


AcousticSoul said...

Girlfriends used to be my favorite show on the WB (is it still called that?). But every since Toni left, it seems like the writers don't know what to do with all the characters.

I mean, Joan finally meets her man, get engaged and then he goes off to war.

Lynn becomes a recording artist??? What's that about! UGH!

Mya. There's so much going on with her character. And whats with them changing Jabari's on us like we wouldn't notice??

THEN, after all the ups and downs with Monica, they get rid of her, bring her back, she married William and now she's pregnant. HUH?? When she left they should have kept her gone.

Not to mention what was that fling with William and Joan about? That was soooo odd. Who in real life does that and STILL remains friends the way they have??

So all I have to say is GIRLFRIENDS has been off for a while. So I guess it's high time we said good-bye to them winches. I'm gonna miss me some Darnell tho DAYUM!

Anonymous said...

I remember when I couldn't waiting for Mondays to come so I could run home and watch GIRLFRIENDS. The show was so special and personal to me because I, too, had a set of close friends that were more than friends but more like brothers to me (ha, thought I was gonna say sisters..LOL).

Although it's unfortunate to hear that the show is FINALLY leaving television, the show did become dull in the seasons that Toni Childs was absent.

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